• Make NOW Work

NOW is here. Are you ready to work differently?

Leading businesses are prioritizing investment in ways to draw ideas from data, automate workflows, personalize at scale and power up a flexible workforce.

How does Xerox help you make NOW work for your business?

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Automate Workflow

Digitize data. Secure it in the cloud. Integrate it to automate your workflow.

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Personalize at Scale

Bring together ideas and execution to better engage your customers with personalized experiences.

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Power Up a Flexible Workplace

Modernize IT infrastructure. Equip and support your remote teams.

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What it Takes to Get Resources to Far-Flung Populations in Bangladesh

This is the story of a single smart, scannable census that spoke to 161 million people and simplified one of the most paperwork-heavy processes of all time.

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How Technology Helps Create Personalized and Sustainable Packaging

Faster personalized marketing is a faster way to reach customers.

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How Xerox? and a School District Teamed Up to Promote Remote Learning

A longtime Xerox customer, the Lincoln, Nebraska, Public Schools system leveraged print services and related software to make the shift to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Argentina’s Oldest Private Bank Aims to Eliminate Paper Onboarding Forms

Less time onboarding customers = a more competitive business.

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How Xerox? DocuShare? Helped a 99-Year-Old Furniture Maker Digitize 500,000 Documents

How the staff of one small business moved data to the cloud, enabling the business to grow.

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